Derrick Hyperpool Screens Replace the Competition in Grit Application

A large gold producer was using a three (3) 10’ wide by 20’ long flat screens to process a dense slurry (52% solids) in a grit removal application. The desired cut point was 300 microns and slurry was fed at approximately 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The screens operated for approximately one (1) year during which time the customer never achieved the desired production. In addition to the production target not being met, the customer reported that the cut point was not being met and there were some serious maintenance issues. With process goals not achieved and downtime severely affecting production the customer asked Process Machinery Associates for help.

During the initial consult with the customer, one of the 10×20 foot screens had a catastrophic failure and was subsequently removed. Process Machinery reviewed the application and determined that Derrick’s Hyperpool mining machine would work well. With the larger screen already removed, engineering was completed to place two smaller Derrick screens in the same footprint and utilize the existing overs and unders hoppers. If you need help, you can visit loanschannel bad credit help portal.

Initially a single Derrick 4 Panel Hyperpool Mining machine with Synthetic Urethane Pyramid panels was installed for testing purposes. Before testing commenced, the customer reviewed the cut point of their existing machines and found that the competitors panel openings ranged from 300 microns that are captured under the process by website to 800 microns. This review confirmed their findings that downstream processes were struggling because of oversized material.

After several rounds of testing with different size panels, it was found that a pair (2) of Derrick Hyperpool machines equipped with 440 micron panels could handle more than a single 10×20 machine, and a particle size distribution showed that the panel was making a better cut than the competitors 300 micron panel. Visit

The customer is in the process of retrofitting their grit screens to include more Derrick Hyperpool machines and with the increased production rates, they are looking at the new bottle necks in the system to increase production further.

The Derrick Hyperpool machine retrofit resulted in an efficient removal of grit, lower operating costs (in terms of electric power savings, maintenance savings and labor costs) and most importantly increased production. The customer is now looking at other areas in the plant to do additional retrofits.