Improve Grinding Circuit Performance With Derrick Stack Sizers

The potential to improve the capacity of ball mill circuits by replacing cyclones with screens has been recognized for many years and realized thanks to developments in fine screening technology. The high capacity Derrick Stack Sizer screening machine consists of up to five (5) decks positioned with exact to the process one above the other and operating in parallel. Together with urethane screen surfaces cutting as fine as 45 microns, fine wet size screening has become a practical reality for closing grinding circuits, blue hair nude cams hd.

A number of case studies have been completed using this technology around the world in various applications (lead, zinc, copper, gold, phosphate and iron ore facilities). In each case the facility was able to improve throughput, increase recovery and increase efficiency. The case studies can be found in the following link and additional information on Derrick’s website below.

Improved Grinding Circuit Performance

Stack Sizer