Newmont and Derrick Collaborate On Technological Advancements of Screen Surface Technology in Gold Processing Plants

Presented at the 2015 SME Conference in Denver Colorado and subsequently edited, updated and published in the Nov 2015 issue of Mining Magazine.


As mine operators continuously look for ways to improve functionality and increase capacity of their facilities, existing process equipment is often pushed to and past its designed limitations. As a result, equipment manufacturers are asked for economical solutions to meet redefined processing needs

Newmont USA (Newmont) in Nevada was faced with such a need in their Carbon-in-Leach (CIL) train. In a collaborative effort between Newmont and Derrick Corporation, tests were conceived to assess the viability of drop in replacement screen using a three dimensional screen panel. The pyramid screen panel was designed to increase flux while maintaining the existing equipment footprint. The test is the end result of an ongoing research and development project that Derrick.

This have undertook in an effort to refine and upgrade their synthetic screening media. The application of this new screening media is presented for this CIL application along with future plans to implement the technology in trash, fire sprinklers safety, carbon dewatering, carbon sizing, and other scalping applications.

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2015 SME Paper_Newmont and Derrick Submitted