Diemme Filtration

Diemme® Filtration Filter Presses have succeeded in the marketplace thanks to its experience, skill, and creativity in customization of plants made to specific customers’ needs. With more than 6000 installations worldwide, Diemme provides quality equipment, consulting, and technical services in a variety of applications including:

• Mining
• Metallurgical
• Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
• Quarries
• Power
• Ceramics, Glass and Crystal

Diemme Filter Presses have also been successfully used in Coal Applications .

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The heart of Diemme® Filtration is represented by the research center. High pressure solid/liquid separation is a complicated physical phenomenon that is extremely difficult to replicate with theoretical models. Diemme’s full scale laboratory provides the empirical data to properly select and size presses for a customers specific needs.

Diemme® Filtration offers the widest range of filter presses in the world market. Overhead and side beam structural configurations are available. The automation level can be adapted to meet customer requirements ranging from operator intervention during certain cycles to fully automatic presses that work continuously. The full description of the Diemme product line can be found at Aqseptence.com and video of the product line found on our YouTube Channel